SATURDAY 28TH - 18:00 h.

What I cover in my clinic
I start off with giving the history and how the wing paddle works.
How to decide you feather angle
How to decide you paddle length
How to do land exercises
How to improve balance with brace stroke
The forward stroke for surfski
Breaking down the stroke in small parts of the body, hands, elbow, shoulders, core, legs
How improve your technique in waist deep water.
How to remount in shallow water and deep water
Learn how to improve your balance and exercises
How to set up your surfski correctly
Analysis of each person’s brace and forward stoke



30 minutes introduction and theories. Land exercises
30 minutes forward stroke broken down
30 minutes waist deep water drills
30 minutes remount, balance and drill explanation on the water
30 minutes doing the drills and the exercises on the water with you surfski’s


Downwind clinic
Assessing the conditions
basics of waves

How to catch waves
Where to sit on the waves and why
How to turn a surfski
How to stay on top of the waves
How to link waves
How to see the best waves
How to race downwind
Most important things to remember when doing downwind races and paddles.